November 2012 - Annual Newsletter - Important Information - Please Read Carefully

Dear Security Protection Systems (SPS) Customer;

It has now been just over two (2) years since Miami County Internet Onramp, Inc. (MCIO) took over the customer base of SPS. Incorporating the customer base into our existing billing was the easiest step of the process. While I had experience in alarm systems previously, it was a few years ago so remembering everything and getting back into the grove of service calls and installations has required a bit of a learning (or update) curve. However, that as well has not been difficult.

As with every business we have had customers come and go. With the advancement in wireless system design, installations have also become easier and faster to complete. In some environments a wired system can still be called for. In an effort to generate further new business we are now offering, for an unlimited time, a referral program for existing customers that refer business to us for leased and monitored systems to be installed. Any customer that refers someone to us that has a qualifying system installed will receive a $30 credit to their account following the third (3rd) month of paid monitoring by the new customer.

Most of our existing customers have all leased systems. Your benefit for that is in the event that a piece of hardware fails to operate it will be replaced for free. The exception to this is if there has been damage of some kind done to the hardware by persons unknown or if the home owner has altered or moved the original installation of the part in some way. Acts of God are also covered for the first 2 replacements of hardware, but starting with the third replacement there will be a charge for the hardware. For all customers (leased or purchased systems, monitored or unmonitored systems, and warranty or non-warranty part replacement) that require a service call there will be a charge of $65 for that service call.

Enclosed with this newsletter is a report from the monitoring company of the individuals and the order in which they are called in the event of an alarm and dispatching of police, fire or ambulance. Please review this report for its accuracy, make any needed corrections of any kind, sign the form and return it to us as soon as possible regardless of any changes being made or not. We have found on at least 4 occasions this calendar year where the information on file was not correct for customer notifications in the event of alarms and dispatching. You have the peace-of-mind of a working alarm system, you should also know that a responsible party will be notified in the event of an alarm.

Also enclosed are two (2) window/door decals with our company name and phone number for you to strategically place on the outside of your home to let potential burglars know that your property is indeed protected. To install these decals, carefully remove the backing from the white background of the decal by starting in one corner and peeling back. After exposing the decal, lay it smoothly on a clean and dry surface starting in the middle and working to the outside edges trying to prevent air bubbles from getting trapped. Once attached rub hard to smooth and affix the label to the surface. Finally very carefully start removing the masking tape covering the decal by starting in one corner and slowly peeling back the tape making sure that lettering is not pulled off the white background in which it is attached. If you need additional decals please let us know how many and we will accommodate.

These decals are free and intended to replace the yard signs previously provided. Those yard signs were damaged on many occasions requiring replacement and these decals will not be subject to that damage. If you still have a yard sign in good condition, please feel free to cover any incorrect phone number with one of these decals with the correct contact information.

We still offer several billing options available to customers. All billing is done by the 15th of the month and always due by the coming first of the month. Billing periods are:

  • Monthly at $29.95 per month;
  • Quarterly at $89.85 for 3 months ($29.95 monthly - no discount);
  • Twice a year at $161.70 for 6 months ($26.95 per month); or
  • Annually at $299.40 for 12 months ($24.95 per month).
  • If you have the desire to change your billing cycle please feel free to let us know. Again please note that all payments are always due by the first of the coming month following the billing date. To help support this schedule, payments not received by the 5th of the month will be subject to a $10 late payment charge being added to your account for all billing cycles. In the event of late charges being added, you will receive a statement showing the late charge. Please pay the amount past due plus the late charge immediately because any account with an open balance of any kind of the 5th of future months will be subject to an additional $10 late charge. This is effective as of the billing due date of 12-01-2012 and will be strictly enforced.

    As you have probably noted we have discontinued including an addressed envelope with your billing, Instead of the envelopes we have initiated an online payment option through Intuit for customers who wish to make their payment online at no additional charge……saving the time and cost of writing a check as well as the envelope and stamp required to drop the payment in the mail. Also if you wish to receive your invoices/statements online we can e-mail them to you as a PDF attachment. Additionally if you would like to pay by credit/debit card, we can process your payment automatically on the 25th day of the month before your due date and you would only hear from us in the event of a problem completing your charge.

    Thank you for your business and we look forward to helping you protect yourself, your family and your property into the future.

    Best Regards,

    John Grimes Security Protection Systems